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| 18 mei 2024

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Nieuwe Vonken: Particles

Nieuwe Vonken: Particles
Guido Segers

Nieuwe bands komen er in vele soorten en Particles is daarom het volgende onderwerp van onze nieuwe vonken. De internationale band uit Eindhoven speelt progressieve rock en stond al meermaals in de buurt op het podium, onder andere bij het 10jarig Popei jubileum.

De groep is sinds 2017 samen, maar muziek maken deed het gezelschap al langer in ondere andere Geodesics en The Trip Voyagers. Met Particles slaat het gezelschap een nieuwe richting in en daar wilden ze graag wat meer over vertellen. En dit keer leest u het in het Engels, want dat is steeds meer ook een deel van Rockcity. Goed om ook even Music With Strangers te noemen in die context, een initiatief dat muzikanten van heinde en verre samenbrengt in Eindhoven. Maar nu eerst: Particles.

Particles: music with a global voice

Could you introduce yourselves and tell us how your band got started?
We are Particles, a progressive rock/metal band from Eindhoven with a diverse international background (France, India, Kuwait, Mexico and the Netherlands). We first came together in May 2017 under the initiative of Uta (singer) who was searching for musicians in a pursuit to express her stories and life experiences with music and lyrics. Anuj and Dhruv joined forces to bring, in their own unique way, life to those stories which are now the compositions you hear the band playing.
Sami joined later that year, bringing his drumming prowess followed by Edgar, who joined in spring 2018 to complete the band with his articulate bass techniques. Even with varied individual influences, we share a common motivation to create music that speaks for all of us, thereby helping us conceive the fairly unique compositions we currently have.

2. Did you play in other bands before or do we know you from other activities?
Anuj has been previously interviewed in 2016 by Eindhoven Rock City for his active solo prog rock/metal production as Geodesics. He has also played in various other bands in India with genres varying from metal to acoustic fusion.
Dhruv and Uta have also been previously interviewed by Eindhoven Rock City when they were part of the psychedelic rock jam band The Trip Voyagers, also based in Eindhoven.

Edgar has previously played in a few bands in Mexico with genres ranging from hard rock covers to heavy metal original music. Sami has played in various cover bands and multiple Music with Strangers events.

Which bands do you consider the inspiration for your sound?
In no particular order:
Tool, Karnivool, Porcupine Tree, Tesseract, Agent Fresco, Radiohead, Portishead, Adele, Leprous.

What is the story behind your music and what do you want to tell the world?
The lyrics of our songs describe the stories and life experiences of Uta (Singer) which are conveyed to the world in the form of musical compositions. All though coming off somewhat literal, our compositions describes common life experiences of an individual with progressive ebbs and flows of music and words.

Why will we hear more about you in Eindhoven Rockcity?
There are plenty of reasons! We have been working hard to make music and are now ready to present it to the world. We are looking for opportunities to play shows in and around the neighborhood in the coming months and eventually release an EP/Album.

What is the most ‘Rockcity’ spot in the city in your opinion?

What plans do you have for the future?

In the coming months, we aim to play a good share of gigs and getting more exposure in the music industry. Alongside that, our focus is also to make progress with composing more original music and eventually release an EP/Album.

Where can we catch you guys live in the near future?

Our next show is scheduled for November 24th at PopEi, Eindhoven at the Music with Strangers event. Catch us live! We might also have a live stream going on for the shows 😉