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| 23 juni 2024

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Nieuwe vonken: Right Club Foot

Nieuwe vonken: Right Club Foot
Yme van Galen

Right club foot is het volgende internationale, dan wel Eindhoven-based project dat opduikt. Actief in de scene en bekend van eerdere projecten timmert Vasan nu hard aan de weg via Right Club Foot, en doet dat niet zonder daar een sterke ambitie en visie aan over te houden.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us how your band got started?
‘Right Club Foot is a solo indie artist based out of Eindhoven. I’m Vasan, the person behind Right Club Foot, originally from India and living in the Netherlands. I have played in many bands in Eindhoven over the years but the urge to create music that was more personal was always strong – which eventually culminated in the form of Right Club Foot.’

So, which other activities do we know you from?
‘I was one of the founding members and bassist of The Trip Voyagers, whose first release – Mother Funker – was reviewed by Eindhoven Rockcity. I have also played in several cover bands  hosted by Music With Strangers over the years.’

Which bands do you consider the inspiration for your sound?
‘Radiohead, Bonobo, Tool, Coldplay, RHCP, Agam, Anoushka Shankar’

What is the story behind your music and what do you want to tell the world?
‘My music embraces the idea of being different, yet open. The name, Right Club Foot, comes from the medical condition Club Foot – which I was born with. This condition opened my eyes to empathy and acceptance, in a world where each person is unique in their own way. These qualities trickle down into the music, which crosses several genres and styles. Having travelled the world and lived amidst several cultures, I hope to bring all these experiences together in my music.’

Why will we hear more about you in Eindhoven Rockcity?
‘Thankfully, the first four singles have been doing well. With more singles and an album scheduled for release in the coming months, I hope to connect with a larger audience.’

 What is the most ‘Rockcity’ spot in the city in your opinion?
‘The Drinkers Pub – great music and choice of beers.’

 What plans do you have for the future?
‘My first album is nearing completion and planned for release this year. I am also working together with two local artists on EPs / Albums.’

 Where can we catch you live in the near future?
‘For the moment, there are no live shows planned.’